You know they’re your customers, right?

Just because your customers buy your products at other retailers, doesn’t mean they’re not your customers.

Learn how to identify your end-consumers

A Proven Formula for Growth

With Wholescale’s proprietary technology, your wholesale or retail brand can increase demand and drive omnichannel growth in just a few simple steps.

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Finally, a digital solution for wholesale companies

Convert your wholesale volume into ratings & reviews, data, brand value and omnichannel growth.

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Why Choose Wholescale?

Generate Reviews

Our system integrates seamlessly with your retailers’ review platforms and will help your brands achieve up to 50x more ratings & reviews than your competitors.

Capture Consumer Data

Wholescale helps leading consumer brands identify their end-consumers who transact in physical stores or online via retailers and marketplaces.

Build D2C Channels

Drive direct-to-consumer revenue and lifetime value without over-relying on digital advertising.

Influencer Marketing

Learn how to turn your real customers into micro-influencers and content creators for your brand.

Grow Wholesale Channels

By capturing customer data, gaining consumer insights and collecting ratings & reviews, you’ll be able to better serve your retail accounts and increase product demand.

Simple Integration

By partnering with leading digital platforms, Wholescale allows for a simple integration that streamlines your marketing stack.

Organic ratings & reviews at scale will transform your business

Learn how Wholescale brands became leaders in their spaces by using our solution to win with reviews.

Learn how to connect with your consumers

Wholescale is more than a platform

We’ve spent over 6 years developing our system building unknown labels into 8 figure and 9 figure award-winning mega brands across physical and digital retail.

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Brands that joined the movement

Retailers need you to get better

The traffic and conversion benefits retailers gain by having wholesale suppliers that know how to operate in our digital economy are massive. Retailers want digitally-savvy supplier-partners to boost their business and Wholescale’s platform achieves exactly that.

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David and the Calego team have built multi-million dollar brands by harnessing the power of their customers’ own words. No one selling consumer products to retailers understands how to generate ratings and reviews better than Calego.

-Richard Yanofsky CEO of WowWee


Of all the vendors I worked with during my time at Walmart, no one came close to Calego in the way they generated and leveraged ratings & reviews to build our business.

-Lakshya Vyas Former Category Specialist at Walmart

Shouldn’t you know them by now?

Your end-consumers love your products, but if you distribute through wholesale channels, you aren’t connecting with them.

Wholescale solves your problem

Integration Made Easy

Wholescale partners with several leading e-commerce platforms and apps, enabling our clients to capture user-generated content with a simple and efficient process.

Integration Partners
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